Smart SEO Report features

Advanced SEO analysis and tools for SEO professionals

Comprehensive and actionable SEO reports

Smart SEO Report provides comprehensive and actionable SEO reports that help users identify and fix issues on their website. Our reports cover a wide range of SEO factors, including title, meta description, headings, content keywords, image keywords, SEO-friendly URL, 404 page, robots.txt, noindex, in-page links, language, and favicon.

Easy-to-read and user-friendly interface

Smart SEO Report's reports are designed to be easy to read and understand, even for users without a technical background. Our user-friendly interface, symbols, and colors make it easy to identify and prioritize the issues that need the most attention.

Customizable and branded reports

Smart SEO Report's allows customers to customize and brand their reports, making it easy for agencies to share the information with their clients. The reports can be customized to include company logos, colors, and branding.

Comprehensive web tools

Smart SEO Report provides a wide range of web tools and utilities to help users improve their website's performance. Our tools include SERP checker, indexed pages checker, keyword research, website status checker, SSL checker, DNS lookup, WHOIS lookup, IP lookup, reverse IP lookup, domain IP lookup, redirect checker, IDN converter, JS minifier, CSS minifier, HTML minifier, JSON validator, password generator, QR generator, user-agent parser, MD5 generator, color converter, UTM builder, URL parser, UUID generator, Lorem Ipsum generator, text cleaner, word density counter, word counter, case converter, text to slug converter, URL converter, Base64 converter, Binary converter, text replacer, text reverser, and number generator.

Keep your website secure

Smart SEO Report's web tools also help to check security issues on the website, such as HTTPS encryption, mixed content, server signature, unsafe cross-origin links, and plaintext email.

Monitor website performance

Smart SEO Report provides performance reports that help users monitor the load time, page size, HTTP requests, image format, javascript defer and DOM size of their website. These reports help users identify and fix issues that can slow down their website and negatively impact user experience.

Optimize website speed

Smart SEO Report's performance reports also includes text compression, image optimization, and other features that can help users optimize the speed of their website.

Sign up for a free account and see how Smart SEO Report's performance reports can help you improve the speed and performance of your website.

Enhance website functionality

Smart SEO Report provides a range of miscellaneous features that can help users enhance the functionality of their website. These features include structured data, meta viewport, character set, sitemap, social, content length, text to HTML ratio, inline CSS, and deprecated HTML.

Stay up-to-date with the latest standards

Smart SEO Report's miscellaneous features help users stay up-to-date with the latest website standards and best practices. This can help improve the overall user experience and search engine rankings.

Developer API

The Developer API feature of Smart SEO Report allows developers to integrate the tool into their own applications and workflow.

Only on the Agency Unlimited plan

API data access

This feature provides developers with programmatic access to the data and functionality of the tool, enabling them to automate and streamline their SEO processes.


The Developer API feature also allows developers to integrate Smart SEO Report's data and functionality into their own applications and tools. For

Automate report generation

One of the key benefits of the Developer API feature is that it allows developers to automate the process of generating and analyzing SEO reports.

Automated monitor and tracking

Businesses can automate the monitoring and tracking of their website performance, by integrating the data and functionality of the tool into their own monitoring systems.


The Projects endpoint allows users to create, view, update, and delete projects. Projects can be created by providing a name and a URL for the website to generate a report on.


The Reports endpoint allows users to generate, view, and download reports on the projects that they have created. Reports can be generated by providing the project ID.


The Account endpoint allows users to view their account information. Users can view their account details such as their email, name and the plan they are on.

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